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The Hero Stone, a novel by Bruce Gravel
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Bruce Gravel author
INN-SANITY: Diary of an Inkeeper Virgin
Humour on Wry, with Mayo
Humour on wry, with ketchup
Bruce Gravel Author
Bruce Gravel Author
Bruce Gravel Author


Praise for
Humour on Wry, with Mustard

"I have come across some very funny things in my life (including my mother). But I have never read anything more funny then Bruce Gravel's 4 books. They have made me laugh out loud, in class, and have made my day. I strongly suggest you find one of his books and try it out! You can never go wrong with Humour on Wry. Even ask Fred Smythe, he knows all about it!"
– Dianne Fulton

“His stories are blessedly free of irony and sundry post-modern pretensions. What you get are charming pieces that really are funny.”
– Graham Murray, Editor, Inside Queen’s Park newsletter, GP Murray Research Ltd.

“The story about eating dessert first cracked me right up!”
– Colleen Isherwood, Editor, Canadian Lodging News magazine

“I stopped on the way back from grocery shopping this afternoon to collect my mail. Arriving home I dropped my groceries on the kitchen counter and hastened to my favourite chair to open the package with your book. "88 tasty treats", I told myself. "I'll just sample 1 or 2 before I put the groceries away". Human nature being what it is, 1 or 2 led to 1 or 2 more, then 1 or 2 more..... I feasted on, flipping back and forth, smorgasbord style, while groceries sat forgotten in the kitchen. Ice cream and frozen peas slowly attained room temperature. I need to shop again tomorrow but it was worth it! I shall treasure Humour on Wry, with Mustard”. – H.G., Bradford

“We have proof that your funny book is being read in our cottages. We place it on the coffee table in the living areas and, after our guests check-out, we find it in the bathroom next to the toilet! Don’t worry, no pages are missing.” – Pam & Peter F., Innkeepers

“I am on my second reading of this wonderful book during my train trips across Ontario.”
– Connie P., Salesperson

“Most entertaining and well written! When I want a chuckle, I will reach for your book.”
– Vena J., Retired Innkeeper

“Some of these stories caused me to laugh so hard, I had tears in my eyes and my assistant thought I was having an apoplectic fit.”
– A senior executive who asked to remain anonymous to save himself from embarrassment.

“There’s one story in here that is so funny, I almost had an accident in my underwear.”
– A company president whose identity must be withheld to preserve his dignity.

“I would like to complain about that ‘I, Robot’ story. It caused me to pull a muscle in my cheek from laughing so hard.”
– Published letter to the Editor of the Globe & Mail. They settled out of court.

“I’ve been reading Bruce’s stories for years. Now, just opening the paper to his column brings on the giggles.” – A well-respected professor who admits she’s also extremely ticklish.

“Well done! Well done!” – Waitress shouting Bruce’s hamburger order to the cook.

Praise for
Inn-Sanity: Diary of an Innkeeper Virgin

“The book is priceless!! In fact, I read it twice!” – Mark Covey, owner/operator, Howard Johnson Tillsonburg

“Being in the motel business, I always look for books on hospitality. Unfortunately, good ones are rare. I found this book to be everything I was looking for. Funny, easy to read and oh, so true. Very recommended! It will put a smile on your face.”
– C.B. Zucker, posting a 5 Star review on

“Great cottage reading! I certainly could relate to it.”
– Nick Vesely, General Manager, The Sutton Place Hotel, Toronto

“ I thoroughly enjoyed it. So close to reality! The pages kept turning. Great characters throughout. However, the ending scared the daylights out of me!”
– Pam Fischer, owner/operator, Lake Edge Cottages, Lakefield

“Being in the hotel industry, I found this to be a great read. I think everyone will enjoy this book, as it gives a window into the very funny situations we encounter, working at hotels for a living.”
– Paul Moran, General Manager, Howard Johnson Toronto-Markham, posting a 5 Star review on

“Entertaining and well worth reading! Each motel should have copies for reading during guest stays, like the Gideon Bibles!” – Pat & Connie S., Frequent Travellers

“I really liked your book! While fun to read by anyone, it would be super for first-time owners of inns, motels, hotels, or resorts.” -- Dianne H., Innkeeper

“Good stuff! I enjoyed reading itl I may even use some of the incidents as case studies in the lodging courses I teach at university.” -- Dr. Gabor F., Professor of Hospitality & Tourism Management

“It is amazing!” – Nancy B. Innkeeper

“A real page-turner!” – Librarian stating the obvious

Praise for
Humour on Wry, with Mayo
Featuring Travels with Fred, the World’s Worst Tourist

“ Your Fred stories are ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS... but to the everlasting consternation of anyone who is a frequent traveller, there are lots of ‘Freds’ out there and they are not half as ENTERTAINING as this curmudgeon.” – Dr. Marion Joppe, Professor, School of Hospitality& Tourism Management, University of Guelph

“ Reading the story ‘Going Postal,’ I laughed so hard, I had tears coming down my cheeks!”
– Dave Warren, Insurance Broker, Canada Brokerlink

“ You have a good imagination with the story ‘Fred’s Wild, Wild North’!”
– Richard Lafleur, owner of a certain wildlife park in Timmins (see page 35)

“ Really enjoyed your story about the bed bugs escaping during the filming of a TV interview. Freaking hilarious! I train the handlers of K9s trained to find bed bugs by scent.”

– Doug Summers, Instructor, Florida

"The stories about Fred, the World's Worst Tourist, are LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY. These stories will resonate with all travellers, as we have all come across 'Freds' at one time or another!"– Dr. Sonya Graci, Professor, School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, Ryerson University

"I am still smiling at your story 'Conventional Wisdom meets Unconventional Reality.' I NEVER LAUGHED SO MUCH!" – Diane Brisebois, President & CEO, Retail Council of Canada

“just a note to tell you HOW MUCH I ENJOYED your ‘Eco- Baggage’ story. It shows perfectly the old adage: Many a truth is spoken in jest.” – Ernest Morrison, retiree

“I LAUGHED OUT LOUD reading ‘Bludgeoned by Bureaucracy’! As usual, you tell a good story!” – Lynda Cunningham, Team Leader, Commercial Insurance, Canada Brokerlink

"I ENJOYED READING YOUR STORY, 'The Skunk Whisperer,' and I sure would have hated to be poor matt who was sprayed so many times!" – Connie Slinn, the real Skunk Whisperer's wife (see page 112)

“A literary MASTERPIECE!” – Pastry chef admiring Bruce’s book-shaped birthday cake