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Praise for Bruce Gravel's books

These are Generic:

"Your 'Ginger Gang' story is ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL!"

– Dwayne James, artist

"We both ROARED WITH LAUGHTER after reading your 'Gentleman Farmer' story! You have such a good skill of taking a funny story and turning it into an hilarious story to give everyone a great laugh."

– Dave Warren, retired insurance broker

"Your 'Terminated at Timmy's' story had me LAUGHING FOR 10 MINUTES!"

– A Human Resources manager

"Your stories make me Laugh all the time. Just love them. Can't get enough of them. Keep on writing!"

– Tina Avlonitis, happy reader

"I enjoyed Bruce's book! Because of his writing style, HUMOUR ALWAYS SEEMS TO BE PRESENT."

– John Stoeten, webmaster

"Reading your books at bedtime is an antidote for tomorrow's headaches."

– Etelka McDonald, owner,
Lakeview Cottages, Parry Sound


– Sally Moore, owner,
Sunny Rock B&B, Minden

"Your books are the best I have ever read."

– Dick Bailey, Parksville, BC

"The stories about Fred, the World's Worst Tourist, are LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY. These stories will resonate with all travellers!"

– Dr. Sonya Graci, Professor, School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, Ryerson University


– Diane Brisebois, President & CEO,
Retail Council of Canada

“The book is priceless!! In fact, I read it twice! It is HILARIOUS!”

– Mark Covey, owner/operator,
Howard Johnson Tillsonburg

“FUNNY. Easy to read. Very recommended! It will put a smile on your face.”

– C.B. Zucker, posting a 5 Star review on

“I found this to be a great read. I think everyone will enjoy this book.”

– Paul Moran, General Manager, Howard Johnson, Toronto-Markham,
posting a 5 Star review on

“Bruce Gravel’s stories are blessedly free of irony and sundry post-modern pretensions. What you get are charming pieces that really are funny.”

– Graham Murray, Editor, Inside Queen’s Park

Specific to My Lethal Shadow:

"I thoroughly enjoyed your novella. It was well presented. It kept me completely interested and I was not able to put it down. All the different scenarios and how everything came together at the end. It was great! The thrill of your novella reminds me of some of my famous writers like Clive Cussler, James Patterson just to name a few."

-- Marie Poliquin, avid Cussler and Paterson reader

Specific to Mustard:

“ The story about eating dessert first cracked me right up!”

– Colleen Isherwood, Editor, Canadian Lodging News

“I would like to complain about that ‘I, Robot’ story. It caused me to pull a muscle in my cheek from laughing so hard.”

– Letter to the Editor of the Globe & Mail

I enjoyed reading 'Humour on Wry with Mustard" so much, I have just taken delivery of Mayo and Ketchup! Good luck with the next book.

- David Cruickshank, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Specific to Mayo:

" Your Fred stories are absolutely outrageous! To a frequent traveller, there are lots of 'Freds' out there, but they are not half as entertaining as this curmudgeon."

– Dr. Marion Joppe, Professor, School of Hospitality & Tourism Management,
University of Guelph

Specific to Ketchup:

Most entertaining and well written! When I want a chuckle, I will reach for your book."

– Vena Johnstone, retired innkeeper

Specific to Inn-Sanity:

“ The book is super! I was thoroughly engaged and had lots of laughs too.”

– Colleen Isherwood, Editor,
Canadian Lodging News

A great read and very interesting. Wow, hard to believe the stories are based on real events!”

– Kim Litchfield, Corporate Account Manager, WSPS

Specific to The Hero Stone:

"I stayed up late into the night reading "The Hero Stone" on my vacation. I was riveted. You got right inside the heads of the three protagonists, including Melanie. The insects and snakes scene was quite compelling!"

– Colleen Isherwood, Editor,
Canadian Lodging News

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Humour on Wry,
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Humour on Wry,
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Humour on Wry,
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Humour on Wry,
with Salsa

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Humour on Wry, with Relish
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